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  • The Northeast Complexities and its Determinants

    The Northeast Complexities and its Determinants

    Publishers: IDSA and Shipra

    ISBN: 81-7541-187-2

    Rs 350

    US $ 35

    About the Book

    Even after fifty years, India's Northeast continues to draw national attention for all the many reasons. The intensification of ethnic differences poses significant security challenges for India. Taking a holistic approach, the book examines the roots of the turmoil in the region, the inadequate economic development as a contri- buting factor as well as the regional implications of the protracted violence and instability.

    The book also highlights the role of external forces in accentuating the situation and the linkages that some of the militant groups in this region have managed to forge and thrive on. The book may be found useful for policy makers and scholars interested in this region of northeast region of India.

    About the Author

    Sreeradha Datta is Associate Fellow at Indian Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. During the past few years, she has been studying, specialising and commenting on the turmoil in India's Northeastern states. Gradually, she has expanded her focus and has been analysing the domestic political dynamics in Bangladesh


    Ethnic Dimensions of Northeast Turmoil
    Economic Problems
    Concessions and Aid
    The Regional Environment and External Linkages
    External Intelligence Agencies and Northeast
    National Response
    Some Basic data of North-east
    Number of Investment intentions for Northeast and some other state of India Bibliography
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