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  • India's North East: New Vistas for Peace

    India's North East: New Vistas for Peace
    Publisher: Manas Publications
    ISBN 978-81-7049-326-6
    Price: ₹. 695/-

    This book is an attempt to suggest a way towards peace and development in the North East. The authors, mostly belonging to the region, have provided valuable insights on the issues of insurgency, development and security and have also suggested concrete measures to tackle the myriad problems afflicting the region. They assert that local participatory initiatives are extremely important not only to counter the exclusive narratives of rebel groups but also to lead the region on its path to peace and prosperity. They also emphasize that the media and the security forces should contribute positively towards this effort. Only when all the actors of the society work towards the common goal of peace and development, this region could be unshackled from the bonds of underdevelopment and recurring violence.

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