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  • India’s Maritime Security

    India’s Maritime Security

    Publisher: IDSA and Knowledge World

    ISBN: 81-86019-29-4

    Rs. 550


    The term maritime security represents the broadest approach to issues and aspects which pertain to the sea and have an important bearing on the country's security.. This volume would go a long way in generating fuller understanding of the different aspects of the maritime dimensions of India's security.

    As the seas of peninsular India and the Indian Ocean become more important than even before to the security of the country, it is imperative to examine the maritime dimensions of Indian security in a comprehensive manner. India’s Maritime security provides, for the first time, a holistic assessment of the economic, political, and military aspects of India’s maritime security.

    The term maritime security is defined as comprising those issues which pertain to the sea and have a critical bearing on the country’s security. These include seaborne trade and commerce in energy resources, the management of living and non-living marine resources, the delimitation of international seaward boundaries, and the deployment and employment of naval and military forces in the Indian Ocean.

    The basic theme of this book-the importance of dealing effectively with the compulsions and complexities of India’s maritime security – necessitates a sophisticated, and often,
    complicated, interplay of the country’s economic, foreign, and defense polices. The book concludes that it is imperative to formulate a national Maritime Security Policy (MSP). The implementation of such a policy will eventually lead to the development of a much-needed maritime strategy for the country.

    Table of Contents


    Foreword by Jasjit Singh, Director, IDSA


    One: The Economic Dimension

    Two: The Political Dimension

    Three: The Military Dimension

    Four: Trends in Indian Naval Power

    Five: Maritime and Naval Cooperation

    Conclusion: A Maritime Security Policy for India