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  • Composition & Regimental System of the Indian Army:Continuity and Change

    Composition & Regimental System of the Indian Army:Continuity and Change
    Publisher: Shipra
    ISBN 978-81-7541-424-2
    Price: ₹. 350

    About the Book

    The Indian Armed Forces are intimately linked to Indian society. Their role in national integration is a fascinating inquiry. The book traces the historic evolution of the Indian Armed Forces and then relates it to the extant composition and regimental system of the Indian Army.

    This sociological study of the military includes insights into the inherent strengths of the army. It explores and explains the central ideas and motivations for a battle-tested military and combat effectiveness. It shows that 'class' based units have an important role to play. This book will add an important perspective to the limited literature on core issues of democratisation, citizenship and military effectiveness.


    List of Tables and Boxes

    Chapter 1 The Re-emphasis of the Human Factor
    Chapter 2 Evolution of the Indian Armed Forces
    Chapter 3 Nature and Character of War and Combat-Effectiveness
    Chapter 4 Why Soldiers Fight and the Regimental System
    Chapter 5 The Present Structure and Arrangement
    Chapter 6 Examination of the Pros and Cons of the Present System
    Chapter 7 Policy Implications

    Appendix: Recruiting Zones