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  • The Terror Challenge In South Asia and Prospect of Regional Cooperation

    The Terror Challenge In South Asia and Prospect of Regional Cooperation
    Publisher: Pentagon Security International
    ISBN 978-81-8274-599-5
    Price: ₹. 695/- Purchase Download E-copy

    About the Book

    This book is an attempt to study the problem of terrorism in South Asia, which has often been perceived as its hub. The contributors to the volume belonging to South Asian region have provided valuable insights on the issue of terrorism and have also suggested measures to deal with the problem. They consider terrorism as a phenomenon that has been harmful to society, economy and polity of the South Asian nations. At the same time, they also point out that there should not be over-emphasis on the use of force. In fact, a calibrated use of force is likely to be more effective.


    List of Abbreviations
    About the Contributors

    -- Anand Kumar

    SECTION I: Problems of Terrorism in South Asia

    1. Developing a Viable Counter-terrorism Strategy for South Asia
    -- V.P. Malik

    2. Beyond Terrorism: Dimensions of Political Violence in South Asia
    -- S.D. Muni

    3. Lessons Learnt and Future Prospects in Post-war Sri Lanka
    -- Jehan Perera

    4. India’s Experience in Dealing with Terrorism
    -- Arvind Gupta, Ashok Behuria, P.V. Ramana and Pushpita Das

    5. Countering Terrorism—The Maldivian Perspective
    -- Mohamed Ziad

    6. The Impact of Terrorism on Sri Lanka: A Multifaceted Analysis
    -- Shivaji Felix

    7. Bhutan’s Approach to Combating Terrorism
    -- Karma Tsering Namgyal

    8. Cycles of Violence: Conflict in ‘Post-Conflict’ Nepal
    -- Deepak Thapa

    9. The Role of Academics in Combating Terrorism: A Closer Look at Bangladesh
    -- Imtiaz Ahmed

    SECTION II: Regional Cooperation in Counter-terrorism

    10. Opportunities for Regional Stability: The View from Pakistan
    -- Shehryar Fazli

    11. Assessing Counter-terror Cooperation in South Asia
    -- Anand Kumar

    12. Counter-terrorism and Regional Cooperation in South Asia
    -- Chiran Jung Thapa


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