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  • Stability and Growth in South Asia

    Stability and Growth in South Asia
    Publisher: Pentagon Press
    ISBN 978-81-8274-748-7
    Price: ₹. 995/- Purchase Download E-copy

    About the Book

    This book examines the forces and processes which have led to relative political stability or unleashed trends in that direction in some countries of South Asia. It also delves into the factors that have stimulated economic growth in some countries, and impeded economic growth in others. Eminent authors from the region examine how far the positive political and economic trends in the region are irreversible or lend themselves to internal convulsions or external influences. There is also a focus on how far inter-state relations within the region have led to stronger intra-regional co-operation, particularly in the economic field. The potential of SAARC as a regional organisation in promoting intra-regional integration, as an instrument of political and economic growth, has been authoritatively examined. The book brings together the thoughts, experiences and insights of South Asia’s leading academicians, policy makers and media persons on this highly important subject of South Asian stability and growth with respect to the recent past and the foreseeable future.

    About The Editor

    Ms. Sumita Kumar is Senior Research Associate with the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses. She specialises on South Asian security issues with a special focus on Pakistan. Her research publications have covered a diverse range of issues concerning Pakistan’s foreign policy, internal politics and security. She has published chapters in books and articles in journals published in India and abroad, as well as in the Indian media. Her recent research publications have dealt with Pakistan’s energy security, Pakistan’s strategic thinking, Pakistan’s foreign policy and the Pakistan economy. She was a member of the IDSA team that brought out the Pakistan Project Report in April 2013, titled Pakistan on The Edge and the report in June 2012, titled Whither Pakistan? Growing Instability and Implications for India. Her publications include a chapter on “US Measures Against Pakistan’s Nuclear Policies, 1990-2001”, in Michael Brzoska and George A. Lopez (eds.) Putting Teeth in the Tiger: Improving the Effectiveness of Arms Embargoes, Emerald Group Publishing Ltd., Bingley, 2009. She co-edited the book India’s Neighbourhood: Challenges Ahead, IDSA & Rubicon Publishers, New Delhi, 2008.



    Welcome Address by Director General, IDSA

    Inaugural Address by Hon’ble Union Minister of Human Resource Development



    1. Stability and Growth: The Uneasy Couple in South Asia
    -- S.D. Muni

    2. Dynamics of Political Stability in India
    -- E. Sridharan

    3. The Future of Democracy in Pakistan
    -- Sushant Sareen

    4. Challenges to Democracy and Pluralism in Bangladesh: Structural and Institutional Imperatives
    -- Smruti S. Pattanaik

    5. The Political Economy of Sri Lanka’s Growth: Focus on Youth Unrest
    -- Anura Ekanayake

    6. Nepal’s Quest for a Constitutional Settlement
    -- Prashant Jha

    7. From Monarchy to Democracy in Bhutan: Dynamics of Transition and Future Trends
    -- Dago Tshering

    8. Challenges to Political Stability in Maldives
    -- Fuwad Thowfeek

    9. Post-2014 Afghanistan: A Shift to Stability or a Failed State?
    -- Waliullah Rahmani

    10. Myanmar in Transition: From Military to Civilian Rule
    -- Nyunt Maung Shein


    11. Reviving Pakistan’s Economic Growth: The Regional Dimension
    -- Ijaz Nabi

    12. Prospects of Economic Growth in Bangladesh
    -- Bazlul H. Khondker

    13. Regional Disparity Challenges of Post Civil War Development in Sri Lanka
    -- Ranjith Bandara

    14. Foreign Capital and India’s Growth after Liberalisation
    -- C.P. Chandrasekhar

    15. Economic Growth in Nepal: Need for Reforms
    -- Bishwambher Pyakuryal

    16. Economic Development in Afghanistan: Challenges and Prospects
    -- Mohammad Sulaiman Akbari

    17. Strategy of Sustainable Growth in Bhutan
    -- Tenzing Lamsang

    18. Maldives: Economic Growth and Political Developments
    -- Bandhu Ibrahim Saleem


    19. India’s Role in the Economic Re-integration of the Indian Sub-continent
    -- Sanjaya Baru

    20. SAARC and South Asian Stability and Growth: Potential and Promise
    -- Sheel Kant Sharma

    21. Prospects for Stability and Growth in South Asia
    -- Arvind Gupta

    About the Contributors


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