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  • Maritime Security: The Unlawful Dimension

    Maritime Security: The Unlawful Dimension
    Publisher: Magnum Books Pvt Ltd
    ISBN 81-87363-98-3
    Price: ₹. 1125/- Purchase

    About the book

    Maritime security has increasingly been studied from the standpoint of the complexities of the ocean—where the ‘game’ has been played since ancient days. In recent years, however, the concept has undergone a sea change. Today, and seemingly so in future, maritime security has to be seen as complementary to overall national security, and not as a standalone concept.

    Within this framework, maritime security acquires myriad dimensions. One such dimension deals with establishing the ‘Rule of Law’ at sea. This book critically examines the perceived ‘unlawful’ activities that enforcers may come across at sea. It addresses the following themes:
    Crime at sea
    Smuggling and Trafficking
    Environmental crimes
    Future of unlawful activities at sea

    This book would be useful to scholars; policy makers; military, intelligence and enforcement agencies; the corporate sector; seafarers; the media; and students of national security strategy.

    About the Author

    Dr. Prabhakaran Paleri served in the Indian Navy, the Central Board of Excise and Customs, and finally in the Indian Coast Guard before retiring as its Director General in 2006. He has been a visiting research scholar in India and abroad. Presently he is professor and advisor to the School of Management Studies at the National Institute of Technology, Calicut, and non-official part-time director of the Cochin Shipyard. He has authored books, papers and articles on strategic and management subjects.




    Introduction—Unlawful and Buoyant at Sea

    Trouble Aboard (and Afar)—Crime at Sea

    Yo Ho Ho—Pirates, Ahoy!

    The Creek Runners—Smugglers and Traffickers

    Waters Disturbed—Poaching

    Destination Ice Age—Breaching the Environmental Stasis

    The Chilling Wait—Maritime Terror Inc.

    I Spy, You Spy—Espionage and...

    Future Perfect—Over the Horizon of Time

    Conclusion—Before the Endgame


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