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Upendra Kumar asked: Will Pakistan be able to attain the postulates of its New Concept of War Fighting (NCWF), keeping in view its crippling economic status?

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  • Vivek Chadha replies: Pakistan’s NCWF was formulated in response to India’s Cold Start doctrine. It was thereafter tested and implemented within the armed forces. Pakistan considers India its major external security challenge. Essentially an outcome of its contrived thought process, it is likely to remain the mainstay of Pakistan's concept of war fighting.

    Pakistan’s economic woes are the worst kept domestic secret. However, it needs to be underscored that the priorities of the armed forces and perceived national security challenges are likely to receive both attention and monetary resources. In the past, attempts at interference with the independence of the armed forces in this regard by political leaders had led to civil-military dissonance. The result has always been in favour of the Army Chief. Therefore, unless the army itself decides to seek alternative policy options vis-à-vis India, the possibility of change in any doctrinal guideline does not seem likely.

    Posted on December 28, 2018