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Anand asked: What is the centre's stand on recent Kashmir violence? What can the centre and state do together for a permanent solution?

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  • Arpita Anant replies: The Centre’s stand on the recent violence in Kashmir is that it was a result of young people being misled by Pakistan–based anti-national forces linked to the Lashkar-e-Taiyyaba. Instigated by these forces, large mobs indulged in stone pelting and defied curfew orders. This provoked a reaction from the CRPF and Jthe ammu and Kashmir Police, which resulted in the unfortunate loss of lives. The Centre therefore instructed these forces to adopt maximum restraint in dealing with rioting crowds and simultaneously maintain law and order.

    The Unified Command, which brings together the Centre and the State security apparatuses, must ensure that the channels of instigation resulting in such serious law and order problems are blocked. Moreover, since the intellectuals and the media of the Valley have explained the summer unrest as a spontaneous uprising against mis-governance, it is important for the Centre and the State Government to work towards an all-party consensus on improving governance and identifying immediate developmental priorities for the State. The consensus thus achieved must be made known to the people of the state and sincerely followed through.

    A similar consensus on engaging with the separatist leadership and the Government of Pakistan and its follow-up may lead to a permanent solution to the problem in Kashmir.