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Anil Prithvi asked: What are the Chinese security interests in South Asia?

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  • Ramesh V Phadke replies: Chinese Security interests in South Asia:

    1. Support close ally Pakistan to achieve its strategic objective of keeping India hobbled in South Asia.
    2. Expand its influence in the region.
    3. Build economic and strategic relationships with the smaller countries for future contingencies.
    4. Assist Myanmar government to maintain reasonable stability so that the roads, gas pipe lines and port facilities developed by China can remain safe, secure and operational.
    5. Build relations with Sri Lanka and Maldives to get access to the Indian Ocean Region.
    6. Maintain good relations with Bangladesh by meeting its security needs like weapons, ships and aircraft.
    7. Ensure a stable and China friendly Nepal.
    8. Assist Afghanistan to exploit its natural and mineral resources and maintain a degree of stability there with the help of Pakistan.
    9. The ultimate objective is to shape the future and enhance China's overall strength to challenge the world hegemon, the United States of America.