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Raviteja asked: Was India getting enough recognition for her efforts in Afghanistan?

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  • Vishal Chandra replies: Yes, the Indian contribution to Afghan reconstruction has been appreciated and recognised by the Afghan people. India has been the only regional country carrying out development projects based on local community participation across the country. Indian projects are not confined to a particular region or to a relatively peaceful province in Afghanistan. They are not driven by commercial interests either. It would not have been possible for India to complete several of its projects thus far without the goodwill of the Afghan people and support from the Afghan government. Even in most adverse of circumstances and despite several constraints, India continues to assist in rebuilding Afghan capacities. In fact, Indian projects are a model when it comes to carrying out reconstruction activity in an in-conflict situation. It would be unfortunate if the situation deteriorates to a point where it may not be possible for India sustain its presence in Afghanistan.