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Blessy asked: How the US factor and the US-Iran relations affect the Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) pipeline?

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  • M. Mahtab Alam Rizvi replies: The US-Iranian standoff over the latter’s nuclear programme has implications for the IPI gas pipeline project. US has been opposed to the IPI project in view of continuing sanctions on Iran. It has objected to Pakistan going ahead with $7.5 billion gas pipeline deal. The US Assistant Secretary of State, Robert Blake, had told Pakistan back in April 2010 that it is not the right time to have such transactions with Tehran. US has also tried to convince India to not to join IPI and instead look for alternative sources to fulfill its energy demands. US has supported and encouraged the TAPI gas pipeline project as an alternative to the IPI pipeline. However, the US opposition is not the only factor delaying the IPI project. Differences over issues pertaining to pricing mechanism, security guarantees, and transit fees, etc. have also been impinging on the IPI project.