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D.Aravind asked: How can India play an effective role in Nepal's sabilisation?

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  • Anshuman Behera replies: The prolonged political crisis in Nepal has been a matter of great concern for India. Any upheaval in Nepal has a spill over impact on India. India faces two serious problems vis-à-vis the ongoing political impasse in Nepal. Some political forces think that India can and should play a major role in settling the problems in Nepal, whereas others question the legitimacy of India’s role. In recent years, the anti-India feeling in Nepal has seen a phenomenal rise. In the present context, where there is lack of trust among the political parties in Nepal, India has to be careful about playing its part in resolving the current crisis.

    India had earlier played a major role in the signing of the 12-point agreement between the Seven Party Alliance and the Maoists in 2005. At that time, there was a consensus among the political parties on fighting the common enemy, the King. But the political equation in Nepal this time around is completely different. There is no common enemy and at the same time there is no consensus on several key issues pertaining to the political future of Nepal. At this juncture, what India can best do is to help build a consensus among the political parties to agree on taking the process of constitution-making to its logical end. Any attempt to support or favor any political constituency by India, would create even more anti-India sentiments in Nepal.