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Kamlesh Kumar Jingar asked: How India and Egypt can rebuild their relations after the Arab Spring movement?

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  • Prasanta Kumar Pradhan replies: India and Egypt are looking forward to strengthening their bilateral ties in the aftermath of the regime change in Cairo. India has shown no hesitation in dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood which is in power and has already made the first contacts with the new government. The Egyptian Government is expected to reciprocate India’s initiatives to further deepen the relationship.

    As India-Egypt relationship is often seen in the context of the golden era of the Nehru-Nasser relationship, there lie a number of challenges to the relationship with the changing geo-political realities. There are, however, a number of areas of potential cooperation. Trade, an important factor in the relationship, could help strengthen the interaction between the two countries. Both sides need to take measures to build confidence on the issue of trade and investment. Sectors, such as, irrigation, solar energy, agriculture, information technology, human resources, etc., are other areas of potential cooperation and collaboration between the two.

    Politically, there is a need for both the countries to exchange ideas through frequent high level visits and contacts. It is also important to forge consensus on issues of regional and international concern. Both the countries have important roles to play in their respective regions. To regain the old charm in the relationship, the people-to-people contact should be developed between the two countries through the medium of education, tourism, culture and academic exchanges.