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Kushal asked: What steps India has taken to counter Chinese initiatives in Nepal?

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  • Jagannath P. Panda replies: To my understanding, India has never instituted or designed its policy towards Nepal to ‘counter Chinese initiatives’. While Beijing’s policy towards Nepal has largely been based on ‘anti-Indian’ proposition, India has always preferred to see Nepal as a traditional South Asian neighbour, and has preferred to maintain a healthy relation at both political and non-political levels. India must boost its economic and commercial interests in Nepal, and must rise to negate China’s endeavor before Beijing utterly dominates Nepalese market and resources. Besides, India should never undermine the strategic location of Nepal that is vital to its national security, as it is closely bordered to both China and Tibet. India’s thrust should be similar to that of the Chinese strategy- ‘maintain good political contacts while pushing the economic and commercial interests ahead.’