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Juliee Sharma asked: Are there specific provisions in India for compensating to the victims of victim-activated IEDs?

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  • Ali Ahmed replies: Indian civilians and soldiers have been victims of IED attacks as part of proxy war, terror attacks and in insurgency hit areas. Such attacks result in fatalities and long-term injuries. The material damage, though sometimes considerable, pales in comparison to the human toll. Not only lives but long-term livelihoods of families are sometimes disrupted. Compensation, therefore, requires being not only as immediate relief but also to enable recouping over a longer time period. While monetary compensation is resorted to, measures such as employment to next of kin are also taken as warranted. The state governments usually take on the onus for compensation. For example, in J&K, the MHA Annual Report of 2010-11 (p. 9) informs that a one-time cash compensation of Rs. 5 lakh is provided to the next-of-kin of civilians killed in militancy-related incidents in lieu of compassionate appointment under SRO-43. This would include IED attacks. For this, Rs. 100 crore was released to the State Government from Security Related Expenditure (Relief & Rehabilitation). As informed by the State Government, an expenditure of Rs. 96.16 crore has been incurred so far. As for the soldiers who are victims of IED action, they are treated as battle casualties.