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Pranathi Reddy asked: Can the repeal of the AFSPA in J&K revive peace?

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  • Reply: Kindly refer to the earlier replies by Ali Ahmed and K.C. Dixit on a similar/related query posted in this section, at and

    Also, refer to the following IDSA publications on the issue:

    Vivek Chadha (ed.), “Armed Forces Special Powers Act: The Debate”, IDSA Monograph Series No. 7, 2012 (free download)
    Ali Ahmed, “Reconciling AFSPA with the Legal Spheres”, Journal of Defence Studies, 5 (2), April 2011 (free download)
    K.C. Dixit, “Revoking AFSPA Blown Out of Proportion”, Journal of Defence Studies, 4 (4), October 2010 (free download)
    K. C. Dixit, “Calling the Army for Peace Restoration”, IDSA Comment, August 23, 2010.
    Harinder Singh, AFSPA: A Soldier’s Perspective, IDSA Comment, July 06, 2010.

    Views expressed are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the IDSA or the Government of India.