Maritime Security

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  • China’s String of Pearls and India’s Enduring Tactical Advantage

    Not only would the presence of Chinese vessels present no real existential threat to Indian naval dominance in the region, it would also, paradoxically, provide the Indian Navy with a far greater degree of tactical flexibility in the event of a future conflict with China, be it on land or at sea.

    June 08, 2010

    Securing India's Littorals

    Given the complexity and trans-national nature of the challenges, the paper explores solutions for enhancing littoral security, maritime domain awareness and response mechanisms.

    April 2009

    China and Francophone Western Indian Ocean Region: Implications for Indian Interests

    The cooperation between China and Francophone Western Indian Ocean region is now getting more visible, particularly after the China-Africa summit in November 2006. China's new thrust in the Francophone Western Indian Ocean region was though framed within China's broader Africa policy, however there is indeed the centrality of maritime considerations. China seems to have a higher level of physical presence in the Francophone Western Indian Ocean's various island states than would be warranted by its present levels of trade and other economic activities.

    October 2009

    India, Maldives and the Indian Ocean

    The August 2009 bilateral pact will fortify the security of the Maldives as well as cater to Indian security concerns on the terrorism and geopolitical fronts.

    October 13, 2009

    Securing the Sea Frontier: China's Pursuit of Sovereignty Claims in the South China Sea

    China’s maritime territorial claims, and its diplomatic and military measures to attain them, have caused much regional concern in recent years. The expansive maritime sovereignty claims of China in the South China Sea flow from three key goals: the completion of its incomplete nationalist project of territorial consolidation and unifying the state; the desire to control the contested maritime periphery; and the garnering of sea-based resources such as oil and gas that have assumed critical importance for fuelling the economy of a rapidly modernising China.

    April 2005

    Piracy, Maritime Terror and Policy Response

    Fellows' Seminar
    July 10, 2009
    1030 to 1300 hrs

    The Growth of China's Navy: Implications for Indian Ocean Security

    The PLA Navy (PLAN)'s capabilities in key areas (assets, trained personnel, experience) are currently insufficient to support long-range sea lanes of communication (SLOC) defense missions. With sufficient effort, Beijing may eventually overcome these obstacles, but it would probably also have to acquire some form of overseas basing access, which its foreign policy still proscribes.

    July 2008

    Synergising Indian Navy and the Coast Guard

    Armed Forces all over the world are beginning to realise the importance of jointmanship, and accordingly enormous efforts have been made of late to promote jointmanship and bring about integration of the three armed forces in India. However, no attempt has been made to formally integrate the Coast Guard, which has also been termed as an armed force of the union, with the other forces, especially with the Indian Navy (IN).

    Summer 2008

    India-Indonesia: Emerging Strategic Confluence in the Indian Ocean Region

    India and Indonesia, the two major regional powers, have in the recent past initiated intimate bilateral relations. With globalization as a key driver, the two countries have reconfigured their relationship particularly in the economic and defence spheres. The signing of the strategic partnership in 2005 has been critical to strengthening of the bilateral ties. Security relations are complimentary. While India needs to safeguard its interests in Southeast Asia, Indonesia needs a benign power like India for its security concerns.

    May 2008

    Maritime Forces in Pursuit of National Security: Policy Imperatives for India

    Maritime Forces in Pursuit of National Security: Policy Imperatives for India
    • Publisher: Shipra

    The growing interest of nations in the ocean-realm has become discernable in recent years, leading to an increased significance of maritime security. This is particularly relevant to India, whose vital stakes are expanding beyond its terrestrial confines. How has this increased the responsibility of Indian maritime forces? Can we expect these forces to satiate national-security interests beyond maritime affairs? What approach and capabilities are needed for this? As an attempt to answer these questions, this book is intended for a 'wide-spectrum' readership; ranging from a layman but a keen observer of national/ global events that affect him, and who seeks an association with India's growing eminence; to the academics and Indian policy makers.

    • ISBN 978-81-7541-430-3,
    • Price: ₹. 395/-