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  • Networks of Rebellion: Explaining Insurgent Cohesion and Collapse by Paul Staniland

    Insurgency and rebellion are often common lexicons appearing in scholarly works on conflict. Perhaps the reason for this could be the possible magnitude of impact of such events on overall humanity. The capability of rebellions to lead to collapse, destabilisation or change in the prevailing regimes has been elaborated innumerable times in the narration of human history, but how far are the dynamics of such phenomena understood.

    July 2016

    Ebolavirus: A Brief Introduction

    21st century scientific advancement in the healthcare sector seems to be helpless in front of a viral disease that is spreading terror in Africa and in the minds of global community. The terror factor is none other than the ‘Ebola Virus Disease’ which was once known as the ‘Ebola haemorrhagic fever’.1 It was discovered in 1976 during two coinciding outbreaks, in Democratic Republic of Congo and in Sudan.

    January-June 2014