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  • Defence Reforms: Why is it Critical to Bite the Proverbial Bullet?

    This policy brief attempts to suggest six critical policy imperatives that must act as guidelines for the ongoing attempt at defence reforms.

    September 11, 2017

    International Military Exercises: An Indian Perspective

    International military exercises are an extension of military training for partner countries and a significant military diplomacy tool. Since 2012, the Indian armed forces have engaged 23 countries in 93 international military exercises. This article analyses the data regarding these exercises in terms of the participating countries and services. Outlining the benefits and possible pitfalls of participation in international military exercises, it suggests a holistic policy review on the subject.

    July 2017

    Paraguay’s Military: Internal Security Challenges vs Bloc Obsolescence

    Paraguay’s military faces the twin challenges of maintaining internal and external security, and fighting narco-trafficking while facing bloc obsolescence of its existing assets.

    June 12, 2017

    Argentina’s Military Decline

    While the Argentinian military’s desperate state of affairs can be partly blamed on the country’s economic woes, a substantial portion of the blame must fall on the somewhat tense relationship between the military and the civilian government.

    August 30, 2016

    Raza Hamid asked: What is the difference between a military station and a cantonment?

    Rumel Dahiya replies: Both the cantonments and the military stations are primarily meant for exclusive use of the military personnel in performance of their bona fide duties. The land and facilities built on the land belongs to the government, either because the land was purchased by the government at some point of time or taken on perpetual lease. The cantonments are governed by the Cantonment Act as amended from time to time.

    Russia’s New Military Doctrine: An Overview

    Russia’s New Military Doctrine: An Overview

    The new military doctrine reflects Russia’s views on the changing geo-political order. It perceives key military risks as emanating primarily from the ‘West’ and dwells on measures to counter them.

    April 16, 2015

    Military Courts in Pakistan: A Soft Coup by the Pakistan Army?

    Military Courts in Pakistan: A Soft Coup by the Pakistan Army?

    Why is the Pakistan military pushing for Military Courts when the country already has a fairly robust Anti Terrorism Act together with designated Anti Terrorism Courts set up specifically to try terrorism related offences?

    January 14, 2015

    Sravan asked: What is the difference between insurgency, militancy and extremism?

    Vivek Chadha replies: The difference between insurgency, militancy and extremism often tends to take the shape of the context in which it has been used and therefore, its implied meaning becomes more relevant than the actual one.

    Army's Ingenious Frontier Diplomacy

    To reshape public confidence further, the Union Home Ministry should quickly address the long festering issue of redeploying at least one regiment of the sashastra seema bal (SSB) in Ladakh. Initially raised as Special Service Bureau in the 1960s, SSB effectively involved natives for building a second line of defence against adversaries.

    February 05, 2014

    The Cholas: Some Enduring Issues of Statecraft, Military Matters and International Relations

    The article addresses the deficit in the indigenous, rich historical knowledge of south India. It does this by examining the military and political activities of the Cholas to understand the employment of various supplementary strategies. The article deals with the engagements and battles of the Cholas with other kingdoms of south India, and ‘externally’ with Sri Lanka. It begins with an exposition of various types of alliances that were an integral part of the military strategy of the time.

    October 2013