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  • Appointment of Chief of Defence Staff: A Historic Decision

    The decision to appoint CDS is an important milestone in India’s quest for complete integration of its defence forces; a significant step towards seamless coordination, better efficiency, and greater effectiveness of the national defence architecture in meeting the challenges of the 21st century.

    August 29, 2019

    Finally a CDS for the Indian Armed Forces

    While the scope of responsibility of the CDS is being worked out, it would be instructive to see what changes could be implemented immediately within the current organisational structures through greater jointness, before getting into the gamut of full integration which should be the logical end state.

    August 19, 2019

    Need to Protect Soldiers from False FIRs

    The vulnerability of soldiers to exaggerated, motivated and false FIRs is fundamentally a result of the State preferring to deal with legal issues in disturbed areas within the framework of a law and order problem.

    July 19, 2019

    Anish Singh asked: What is 'joint command' and 'integrated command'? Is there any difference between the two?

    Vivek Chadha replies: The terms ‘joint’ and ‘integrated’ tend to get used interchangeably. However, there is a subtle difference between the two that deserves emphasis.

    The International Committee of the Red Cross in Internal Armed Conflicts

    • Publisher: Palgrave Pivot
    This book critically examines the possible dilution of the neutrality principle of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in internal armed conflicts. It begins with the proposition that the intervention of ICRC in internal armed conflicts led to compromises in neutrality, and questioned the autonomy and independence of the organization. The book also argues that the field operations of the international humanitarian organizations during internal armed conflicts are dependent on the authority exercised by the state in whose territory the conflict persists. The ICRC’s involvement in Sri Lanka and Sudan provides empirical support to validate these propositions and arguments.
    • E-book ISBN:978-981-13-2601-1, Hardcopy ISBN: 978-981-13-2600-4,
    • Price: E-book - $54.99, Hardcopy - $69.99

    Nemam Natarajan Pasupathy asked: What role do the chiefs of Indian armed forces have in the strategic decision-making process of the government?

    Alok Deb replies: The three Service Chiefs are invitees on various select committees constituted at the highest levels of government, which strategise on national security matters.

    Hemant Gaur asked: Why there is no separate Special Operations Command in the Indian armed forces?

    Vivek Chadha replies: The in principle requirement of a Special Forces Command has been acknowledged by the armed forces on a number of occasions. However, the decision to create one is linked with the next step in jointness required to be taken. This does not only include the Special Forces Command but also the Aero-Space Command and Cyber Command as part of the functional commands needed to enhance military effectiveness of the armed forces and the country.

    Ravi Ranjan asked: What lessons can the Indian Army draw from the empowerment of JCOs in the Air Force and the Navy?

    Vivek Chadha replies: The empowerment of Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) has remained an ongoing endeavour within the Armed Forces, irrespective of the specific service. Over a period of time, greater powers, including financial and administrative, have been delegated to ensure that JCOs take greater responsibility and their services can be best employed.

    Aneri Ketan Shah asked: Do Indian soldiers suffer from PTSD?

    D.P.K. Pillay replies: Anyone who joins military service is recruited in an absolutely fit medical condition. The service conditions are unique wherein they live in a regimented lifestyle under tough military laws.

    Aneri Ketan Shah asked: How many Indian defence personnel become disabled every year and what is the status of their rehabilitation?

    D.P.K. Pillay replies: The exact number depends on multiple variables and cannot be listed as an annual statistic. The numbers vary according to the deployment and operational activities that vary from year to year.