Islamic Terrorism

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  • Surendra Raje Sawant asked: How is counter-radicalisation different from de-radicalisation?

    Adil Rasheed replies: The confusion between the terms ‘counter-radicalisation’ and ‘de-radicalisation’ was quite common even in counter-terrorism literature in the last decade. However in recent times, these terms are no longer used interchangeably, but refer to clearly enunciated and distinguishable sets of measures employed to reverse the process of radicalisation in different stages of its life cycle with characteristic behaviour, tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).

    Mahesh Belavi asked: What measures India has taken to prevent Indians from joining the ISIS?

    Adil Rasheed replies: Indian Government has been taking several measures to protect impressionable minds, particularly the country’s youth, from the radicalisation and recruitment campaigns launched by the ISIS. In fact, it is ‘working out a cohesive strategy to counter attempts at radicalisation and recruitment, suitable in the Indian context’.

    New Year Attack in Istanbul: Predictable and Preventable!

    While the New Year attack in Istanbul underscores Turkey’s endemic vulnerabilities, India too needs to be on guard. Messaging by the ISIS is often followed by action.

    January 30, 2017

    It is Terrorism by Daish, Not Jihad by Islamic State

    Terrorists pursuing an atavistic agenda through the brutal killing of common people are not performing jihad. They only seek to legitimize their vile acts in the name of Islam.

    December 05, 2016

    The Spectre of ISIS: Trinidad’s Unfolding Jihadi Nightmare

    The Spectre of ISIS: Trinidad’s Unfolding Jihadi Nightmare

    While there have been no studies on the motivation of Trinidadian Muslims to travel to join ISIS fighters, it is possible that the idea of the Caliphate has fired the imagination of disaffected youth.

    August 08, 2016

    Is Political Rivalry Fuelling Terror Attacks in Bangladesh?

    Is Political Rivalry Fuelling Terror Attacks in Bangladesh?

    The sensational attack in the Dhaka café may have been intended to either cause international opinion to put pressure on the Hasina government to go for early election or incite the Army to take over political power.

    July 08, 2016

    Vivek Sharma asked: What is the prognosis and way forward on rising Islamic fundamentalism in India’s north-eastern states?

    The response to the above query is broadly divided into two parts. The first respondent provides the security perspective and the second provides the sociological perspective on the topic.

    Syria’s Unending Tragedy

    Syria’s Unending Tragedy

    Syria’s plight is likely to get worse before it gets better. More Syrians will be killed and the powers that be do not care.

    February 10, 2016

    Sudhir Kumar asked: What steps should the Indian Government take to counter threats arising from the ISIS?

    Prasanta Kumar Pradhan replies: The ISIS has emerged as a major security threat in the West Asian region. As India has huge stakes in the region, the rise of the ISIS and its implications has been of concern for India. So far the ISIS has not been a direct physical challenge for India, but India needs to remain cautious of the potential threat. The ISIS has in the past threatened to launch attacks on India. In fact, Indian nationals have been captured by the ISIS in Iraq and Libya.

    Radicalisation of Muslim Converts

    Radicalisation of Muslim Converts

    At the moment, the radical Muslim convert threat does appear to be limited to Europe and America where the converts are ‘less visible’.

    August 31, 2015