Sri-Yantra and the geophilosophy of India by Niraj Kumar

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  • July 2015
    Book Review

    The book, as the title suggests, has Sri-Yantra and geophilosophy as its central themes. Sri-Yantra is a powerful positive energy symbol that is known for bringing peace, prosperity, harmony and good fortune. This powerful Yantra is a diagram based on nine interlocking triangular formulations. It is also known as Srichakra and Indian mystics and gurus have known about it for a long time. Although it is central to the Shri Vidya School of Hindu Tantra, its reflection could be seen in the plain pyramids in Egypt, the Star of David as the sacred symbol of the Jewish religion as well as the Star of Bethlehem as the lucky star in Christianity. The text therefore could best be seen as a confluence of science, spirituality, philosophy and politics. It is an unusual text in many ways. Its uniqueness mainly lies in bringing together different aspects of Indian society. The author elaborates on his speculation of a triangular semblance by relating his intuitive experiences of ancient axioms of Eastern metaphysics. The text argues that Sri-Yantra, which was once esoteric, has now become exoteric and has the potential to retain its supreme position in the Indian subcontinent. To do so, it states how the geophilosophy and more precisely geo-metaphysics play an important role in positioning a country as well as shaping its thinking.