The Forgotten Fact of “China-Occupied Kashmir”

There is a need to widely disseminate China’s insidious role as an illegal occupier of Kashmir’s territory, including its territorial grab in the trans-Karakoram tract, in order to raise public awareness of the issue – both in India and at the international level.

November 13, 2020

Bang for Buck: India’s Defence Expenditure in Wider Perspective

Given the limited resource base and various competing demands, the MoD needs to work on a plan to optimise its allocated resources, rather than hoping to bridge its entire resource gap through additional funding from the Ministry of Finance.

July 10, 2020

Military Manpower Cost in India and the United States: A Comparative Analysis

While both India and the US face similar fiscal constraints, the approach towards military manpower cost in the two countries significantly diverge. The prevailing debate in India about the imperative to greater economic efficiency in military manpower cost would benefit from a holistic examination of approaches undertaken by the US in managing its manpower expenditure.

May 29, 2020

Defence Pension Reforms: Recommendations of the Past Committees and Commissions

Reforming defence pension is no more an option but a compulsion considering its exponential growth in the past, which is likely to continue in the future if no reform is undertaken.

February 28, 2020

Cryptocurrencies and the Regulators Dilemma

This special feature explores the mechanics and attributes which have led to the steep rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies, delves into the risks they pose to the user and the state, and evaluates the opportunities, risks and policy options for India.

August 01, 2017

Indonesian President’s Visit to India : A Visit of Strategic Significance

President Jokowi’s state visit to India in December is an opportunity to develop a truly strategic relationship that covers maritime security and defence of the Indo-Pacific, economic relations, and cultural, training educational, and people-to-people interactions that can contribute to the realisation of the full potential of two major Asian powers in the 21st century.

November 25, 2016

A French Solution to India’s Defence Acquisition Problem

A French Solution to India’s Defence Acquisition Problem

The biggest lesson that India can borrow is France’s integrated and centralised procurement structure, which has the dual responsibility of arms acquisition and defence industrial development.

August 29, 2016

Membership Expansion in the Nuclear Suppliers Group

Membership Expansion in the Nuclear Suppliers Group

The outcome of the NSG plenary in Seoul is most likely to be the admission of India to the NSG, denial or postponement of a decision on Pakistan’s application, but deferment of both announcements to a later date.

June 22, 2016

Recent Transitions in the Leadership of the PLA Rocket Forces

Recent Transitions in the Leadership of the PLA Rocket Forces

The leadership transition in the Rocket Forces shows that the service is not only integrating with other services but that its officials are increasingly called upon to other services to facilitate joint training and exercises.

June 06, 2016

DPP-2016: An Analytical Overview

DPP-2016: An Analytical Overview

Introduction of the ‘Buy (Indian-IDDM)’ procurement category, the revamped ‘Make’ procedure, structural change in AAP, and higher and flexible indigenous content requirement in certain procurement categories are all likely to deepen the involvement of domestic industry in defence production.

April 12, 2016