Q. No. 969 Defence export policy

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    Parliament Questions and Answers
    Rajya Sabha
    ANSWERED ON 06.03.2013

    Question: Will the Minister of DEFENCE be pleased to satate :-

    (a) whether Government has any defence export policy; and

    (b) if not, the reasons why a well defined export policy is not evolved which would utilize the excess capacity of the Indian industry for increasing employment and earning foreign exchange without in any-way jeopardizing any security threat to the country?

    Answer: Minister of Defence (Shri A.K. Antony)

    (a) & (b): The Government does not have a separate Defence Export Policy. The Export and Import Policy along with the conditions thereof is available in the ITC(HS) Classification of Export and Import items as published by Department of Commerce. The same can be accessed on the DGFT website at Schedule 2 of the ITC(HS) Classification of Export and Import items gives the item-wise Export Policy, whether Prohibited or Restricted or Free along with whether an NOC from the concerned administrative Ministry is required for such exports.

    Formulation of the Export Policy of any item is based upon availability of the item in the country and factors such as production, domestic demand, price situation and various national and international commitments.