Q. No. 2510 Speeding up defence procurement

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    Parliament Questions and Answers
    Rajya Sabha
    ANSWERED ON 20.03.2013

    Question: Will the Minister of DEFENCE be pleased to satate :-

    (a) whether it is a fact that a suggestion has been received to speed up swifter procurements, modernization of defence industries, functioning of cantonments and stations, cyber security, modernization of military airfields, service matters for review;

    (b) if so, the detailsthereof;

    (c) whether it is also a fact that the speedy defence procurement, especially armaments, is one of the major challenges being faced by the armed forces and the country; and

    (d) if so, the details thereof?

    Answer: Minister of Defence (Shri A.K. Antony)

    (a)to(d):The information is being collected and will be laid on the Table of the House.