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The Global Economic Crisis: Some Strategic Implications

Dr. Rajan Katoch is a member of the Indian Administrative Service, presently serving as Principal Secretary Government of Madhya Pradesh, Home Department. He has worked in the Planning Commission and the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, as well as in the World Bank, Washington D.C. A student of economics, Dr. Katoch is credited with brining out in 1995, the first-ever sub-national human development report in the world. He has authored articles and presented papers on human development, regional balance and planning, government, institutional finance, and most recently on the emerging field of defence economics.
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  • IDSA Occassional Paper No. 4

    Huge budget deficits and the need to spend on fiscal stimuli are bound to impact upon defence budgets and the ability to undertake long-term overseas operations. While India is likely to emerge from the crisis somewhat better off than most countries, the strategic shifts in global power may not all be to India’s advantage
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