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Annual International Conference on "Changing Political Context in South Asia: Prospect of Regional Security and Cooperation"

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  • November 05, 2008 to November 06, 2008
    Only by Invitation

    November 05, 2008 (Day one)

    0830 hrs : Registration

    0900-0930 hrs : Inaugural Session

    0930-1000 hrs : Tea

    1000-1300 : First Session:The Changing Political Context in India’s Neighbourhood

    Chair: N. S. Sisodia
    (Paper presenters 15 minutes, Discussant 10 minutes)

    • Haroun Mir: Conflict in Afghanistan in the Context of Regional countries
    • Babar Sattar: The War on Terror:Challenge and Opportunity for Regional Cooperation
    • Aditya Adhikari: Nepal's Recent Transition : Implications
    • Than Than Htay: Political Situation in Myanmar
    • Alok Bansal: Discussant

    1300-1400 hrs Lunch

    Second Session: 1400-1700 hrs
    Identifying the Challenges

    Chair: IP Khosla
    (Paper presenters 15 minutes, Discussant 10 minutes)

    • Ataur Rahman: Common Challenges facing South Asia: Perspective from Bangladesh
    • Waliullah Rahmani: The New Great Game: The Contest for Afghanistan
    • Hari P Bhattarai: Nepal: Challenges Ahead
    • Khin Nilar Soe: Discussant

    November 06, 2008 (Day Two)

    1000-1300 hrs : First Session
    Meeting the Challenges

    Chair: P R Chari
    (Paper presenters 15 minutes, Discussant 10 minutes)

    • Mafuz Anam: Changing Political Context in South Asia: Implications for Regional Cooperation and Security
    • S D Muni: India and Regional Peace and Cooperation
    • Susil Sirivardana: Pro-poor Strategy so far from Centre-stage?: Diagnosing Roadblocks and How to erode them
    • Aly Shameem: Alternate Approaches to Security
    • Vishal Chandra: Discussant

    1300-1400 hrs Lunch

    1400-1530hrs : Second Session
    Regional Security and Cooperation in the Changing Context

    Chair: Rajiv Kumar
    (Paper presenters 15 minutes, Discussant 10 minutes)

    • Ganesh Wignaraja: Regional Cooperation in South Asia: Effects of Looking East
    • S A Ahmed: Regional cooperation and Human Security
    • Saman Kelegama: Regional Economic Cooperation in South Asia: Challenges and Prospects
    • I. N. Mukherjee: Expert Discussant

    1530-1600 hrs : Tea

    1600-1700hrs : Valedictory Session

    Chair: S.D. Muni

    Address by N. Ravi, Secretary (East), Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India