Quantum Computing and its Impact on Cryptography

Advances in technology has brought into focus the need to have double assurance on data security, especially with the world moving from classical to Quantum Computing, which latter has the power to unlock the toughest of cyber-locks.

July 19, 2017

The Malabar Exercises: An Appraisal

India should take the lead in forming an overarching security quad along with Australia, Japan and the US in the Indo-Pacific region.

July 18, 2017

Need for nurturing the ‘Make’ projects

It would be a bold gesture if MoD decides to categorise all development projects under Make-II. This will send a strong message to the industry and to the nation about MoD’s earnestness to promote private sector participation.

July 14, 2017

The Petya Cyber-Attack

Most attacks prior to Petya were carried out by criminals for financial gain, but some characteristics of the Petya malware have led to doubts as to whether the culprits are state actors.

July 13, 2017

Saudi Aramco’s IPO

If India gets a stake in the proposed Aramco IPO, it would mean getting a share of profits from one of the world’s largest and most profitable companies.

July 13, 2017

The Tejas One Year After Induction – HAL must take ownership of the project

The Tejas One Year After Induction – HAL must take ownership of the project

It behooves both HAL and ADA to work in synergy to meet the target of 16 aircraft per annum and ensure the successful and prompt completion of the Tejas Mk.1A project.

July 12, 2017

Are we witnessing the last gasp of terrorism in Kashmir?

The distancing of every segment of Kashmiri politics, population and even separatists from the Amarnath pilgrim attack is a clear indication of anger and frustration building up against senseless acts of terrorism.

July 11, 2017

Modi’s Visit to Israel – The View from Jerusalem

Modi’s Visit – The View from Jerusalem

It was a great opportunity for Israel not to be seen through the prism of the Arab-Israeli conflict, but as a technological superpower able to attract the attention of rising global powers such as India.

July 10, 2017

DIPP Accords Preference to Local Suppliers in Public Procurement

Indian industry, which is the intended beneficiary of this preference policy, needs to play a proactive role in facilitating the smooth implementation of the order.

July 07, 2017

Hypersonic Weapons

Hypersonic weapons are weapons that move at speeds of Mach 5 or more. Presently, hypersonic weapon technology is a work in progress and these weapons are yet to become fully operational for military deployment.