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National Interests and Threat Perceptions: Exploring the Chinese Discourse

Rukmani Gupta is a New Delhi based Defence and Security Analyst.
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  • IDSA Monograph Series No. 17

    The purpose of this study is to review the conceptualization and debates within China on its national interests and the threats perceived to these. Divided into three chapters, the first chapter of this monograph explores the idea of 'national interest' within the Chinese political and academic discourse. China's national interests are sought to be examined to clearly comprehend the aims of China's domestic and foreign policies. A survey of the domestic threats to the Chinese state is the central focus of the second chapter. Here the Chinese state is defined by its emphasis on 'stability' in the domestic realm. Threats to this notion of stability therefore constitute the most significant challenge to the state in the domestic sphere. The third chapter encapsulates the perceptions of external threats as reflected in Chinese writings. It is hoped that an insight into how Chinese scholars and leaders view the current situation in their country and the world will help to better understand the motivations and constraints that China may face in formulating its policies – both domestic and foreign.

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