New Perspective for Oceanographic Studies in the Indian Ocean Region

The author is a serving Commander in the Indian Navy and is presently posted onboard a Coast Guard Platform as Electrical Officer. He was commissioned into the Electrical Branch of the Indian Navy in 1994. He has a Masters in Underwater Electronics and PhD in Underwater Signal Processing from IIT-Delhi. His operational ASW experience ranges from an Assistant Electrical Officer (ASW) appointment onboard a frontline destroyer (1997) to a Project Manager (R&D) appointment at the Underwater Ranges (2009). He can be contacted on
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  • January 2014

    India’s location in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) compels it to play a larger strategic role in the region. The growing energy needs of China—with the Gulf continuing to be its most preferred source—further causes the Chinese merchant fleet to transit the IOR. To ensure uninterrupted supply of energy resource, the Chinese have started to increase their presence in the region and this has, in turn, encouraged the Americans to also deploy their marine assets in the region. Keeping this in mind, for India, the emerging maritime concept of sea control requires enhanced situational awareness in the region to ensure sea denial when required.Technology has a significant role to play in such a situation and, effective sonar deployment, thus, becomes an inescapable requirement.

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