Cruise Missiles: Evolution, Proliferation and Future by Sitakanta Mishra

Zorawar Daulet Singh is an author and foreign affairs analyst and a Fellow at the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi. His recent books include India China Relations: The Border Issue and Beyond and Chasing the Dragon: Will India Catch up with China? Previously he was a Fellow at the Centre for Policy Alternatives in New Delhi. Zorawar holds a PhD in international relations from King’s College London, a M.A. in international relations from the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University and a B.Sc. from the University of London where he majored in economics and finance.
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  • July 2012
    Book Review

    German V-1 rockets raining over London and Russian self-propelled Katyusha rockets pulverising German forces on the eastern front are enduring images of the Second World War. After 1945, it seemed the rudimentary technologies embodied in these projectiles were poised to take off. Instead, it would take several decades for these rockets to transform into smart and lethal battlefield weapons. Cruise Missiles: Evolution, Proliferation and Future traces the emergence and evolution of this unsung weapon system, and makes a timely and useful contribution to contemporary security literature.

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