Journal of Defence Studies, Vol. 14, No. 3, July-September 2020
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  • This issue features three enlightening research articles on how to leverage India’s maritime diplomacy, an examination of the Russo-Japanese War from the lens of limited wars, and a discussion of the status of lethal autonomous weapons systems under existing norms of International Humanitarian Law. It also includes two book reviews.




    Leveraging India’s Maritime Diplomacy

    - Roby Thomas

    Russo-Japanese War: An Examination of Limited War Strategy
    - Himadri Bose

    Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems under Existing Norms of International Humanitarian Law
    - Bashir Ali Abbas

    Book Reviews
    Human Rights in the Indian Armed Forces: An Analysis of Article 33 by U.C. Jha and Sanghamitra Choudhury
    - Kishore Kumar Khera

    Assessment of Chinese Military Modernisation and its Implications for India by P.K. Chakraborty
    - Atul Pant

    Guidelines for Contributors