Europe’s Re-awakening: The Arduous Task of Re-linking Security Concerns

The future of Europe’s security architecture will depend largely on how well it blends its dependence and deepening with NATO on the one hand and its quest for strategic autonomy on the other.

May 09, 2023

Towards an Epistemic Understanding of Radicalism, Extremism and Terrorism

The persistence of conceptual confusion regarding terms associated with terrorism impedes the legitimacy and effectiveness of counter-terrorism campaigns.

May 02, 2023

Hundred Days after Anti-Zero COVID Protests in China

While the A4 protests in China were a significant development, they may not lead to long-lasting socio-political changes

April 25, 2023

India and Asian Observers: Need for Coordination in the Arctic Council

India, in concert with the other four Asian Observers, could use the current state of flux to seek a more inclusive and equitable Arctic Council.

April 13, 2023

Terrorism Trends: 2023 and Beyond

New and emerging technologies are increasingly being used for fulfilling terrorist motives.

April 13, 2023

Improving Global Food Security: The Impact of the Black Sea Grain Initiative

The Black Sea Grain Initiative has played a vital role in bridging the demand and supply gap and providing a degree of stability to the growing global food insecurity.

March 27, 2023

Absorption of Emerging Technologies in Armed Forces

Critical and Emerging Technologies have become essential components in the modern warfighting domain.

March 01, 2023

Generative AI and Large Language Models: The AI Gold Rush

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems like ChatGPT have the potential to revolutionise the way we work and live.

March 01, 2023

Gulf of Guinea Countries and Terrorism Threat

Gulf of Guinea littoral states like Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Benin and Togo have witnessed a rise in terrorist attacks in recent years.

February 22, 2023

Defence Budget 2023–24: Trend Analysis

In the Union Budget 2023–24, the estimated allocations for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) are Rs 5,93,537.64 crores, an increase of 13 per cent over BE 2022–23 (Rs 5,25,166.15 crores).

February 17, 2023