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Turkey, Israel and the Region : Implications for India

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  • August 10, 2018

    Associate Fellow, IDSA, Dr Mohamed Muddassir Quamar’s article on India’s position in the Middle East, titled ‘Turkey, Israel and the Region: Implications for India’ was published in April-June 2018 edition of the journal of The United Service Institution of India (USI).

    Analysing the situation in the Middle East, the article argues that India cannot afford to remain indifferent to the emerging geopolitical tensions in the region. It has vital stakes in the region and to safeguard those interests, it needs to go beyond the current policy of balancing relations and keeping a safe distance. While this is necessary to protect the Indians residing in the region and other national interests, given the prospective cost of a major conflict, India needs to work with other emerging global powers to stabilise the regional situation and prevent any significant flare up, concludes the article.

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