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P. V. Ramana’s Article on the Failure of the Maoist's Abduction Tactic Published

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  • May 04, 2012

    Research Fellow, IDSA, Dr. P. V. Ramana’s article titled, ‘Abduction: A failed Maoist tactic’, was published in ‘’ on May 3, 2012.


    Activists of the Communist Party of India-Maoist seem to have renewed their tactic of abducting high-profile targets. In March and April 2012 they abducted two Italians and a Schedule Tribe member of the legislative assembly in Odisha, and, on April 21, 2012, the District Collector of Sukma, Alex Paul Menon, in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh. They finally set Menon free on Thursday.

    Their objectives in abducting high-profile targets, apparently, seem to be four-fold. One, they wanted to gauge the nerve of the government; two, divert the attention of the security forces from some important development; three, impede, if not halt, development activities in their bastions; and four, hamper operations by the security forces.

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