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Talk by Mr Geetesh Sharma on Traces of Indian Culture in Vietnam

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  • September 20, 2018
    Only by Invitation
    1500 hrs

    Venue: Room no. 105, First Floor

    About The Speaker

    Geetesh Sharma, a renowned author and a senior journalist, is a strong bridge between Vietnam and India as far as people’s diplomacy is concerned. He has extensively toured Vietnam for about 28 times, from North to South and East to West. He has authored 23 books- Sixteen in Hindi and Seven in English. His works have been translated in Bengali, Swedish, Vietnamese languages.

    He has widely travelled across India and abroad and delivered lectures at various national and international institutions. He is the ex-member of Academic Council, National Museum Institute, Academic coordinator appointed by ICCR for Seminar on Indo-Vietnam Cultural Relations: Retrospect and prospect.

    Geetesh Sharma is the recipient of various awards including the Highest Civil Award-Order of Friendship by the President of Vietnam. Mr. Sharma is also the President of INDIAN – VIETNAM Solidarity Committee.