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Round Table on India – Africa Partnership in a Changing World

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  • May 29, 2019
    Round Table
    Only by Invitation
    1500 hrs

    Concept Note

    Africa is becoming significant in the global arena on issues related to security, peace, climate change and sustainable development. It is increasingly contributing to the normative framework on these issues. It has been projected that by 2050, Africa would have the largest workforce in the world and its population would surpass India and China. Africa would also be a major contributor to the global economy, both as a producer and as a consumer. African countries have been commended for finding effective plans for resolving regional problems, particularly related to ending conflicts and sustainable development. At the same time, African countries, through the African Union and also bilaterally, have formed partnerships globally with countries such as Turkey, Brazil, China, Japan, US, UK, France and India.

    India and Africa have a long and rich history of interaction marked by cultural, economic and political exchanges based on the principle South-South cooperation. A number of initiatives have been taken in the recent years to facilitate relations between the two sides, especially in the domain of trade and investment, skills and capacity building, energy, agriculture, health, defence and maritime cooperation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accorded high priority to Africa in recent years. There have been 29 high level visits at the level of President, Vice President and Prime Minister from India to Africa. India entered into a structured engagement with African countries with the launch of the first Indian Africa Forum Summit in 2008 in New Delhi. This was followed by the second India Africa Forum Summit in Addis Ababa in 2011. The third India-Africa Forum summit, held in New Delhi in October 2015 renewed the focus on strengthening the partnership with African countries.

    India has also undertaken significant initiatives to strengthen its development cooperation with African countries. Exim Bank of India has extended Lines of Credit to countries in Africa. India has also supported capacity building through the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Programme and launched initiatives such as Pan Africa e-Vidya Bharati and e-Arogya Bharati Network Project, among others. The Indian Ocean is a natural bridge connecting India with the African continent. Therefore maritime cooperation is an important aspect of the relationship. This includes maritime surveillance, anti-piracy operations and humanitarian and disaster relief. However, despite these steps, there is still room for realising the full potential of the partnership.

    In order to debate on these issues, and to commemorate Africa Day, the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA) is organising a Round Table on the theme “India – Africa Partnership in a Changing World” at 3 pm on 29 May 2019 at the Institute.


    1445h- 1500h: Registration / Tea
    1500h- 1530h:             Inaugural Session
    Chair: Amb Sujan R. Chinoy, DG, IDSA
    1530h -1620h:             Panel Discussion
    Chair: Amb. Virendra Gupta, Former High Commissioner of India to South Africa (TBC) (5 mins)
    • H.E. Amb. Michael A.N.N. Oquaye, High Commissioner of Ghana, “Africa in the Global Order: African Perspective”  (7 mins)
    • Ms Ruchita Beri, Senior Research Associate & Coordinator, Africa, LAC & UN Centre, IDSA “Africa in the Global Order: Indian Perspective” (7 mins)
    • H.E. Amb Nejmeddine Lakhal, Ambassador of Tunisia,  “India- Africa Partnership: African Perspective”, (7 mins)
    • Shri Gurjit Singh, Former Ambassador of India to African Union & Chair, CII Taskforce on Trilaterals with Africa, “India- Africa Partnership: Indian Perspective”, ( 7 min)
    1620h – 1655h:           Q&A / Interactive Session
    1655h – 1700h:           Closing Remarks – Amb. Sujan R. Chinoy, DG, IDSA (5 mins)
    1700h:                         Tea/ Refreshments