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Perspectives in India-Taiwan Relations in Asia and Beyond: The Future

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  • December 08, 2015
    Only by Invitation

    A Seminar Jointly organised by Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA) and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre (TECC), New Delhi


    9.30 AM-10.00 AM: Registration

    Inaugural Session: 10.00 AM-10.30AM:

    Chair &Welcome Remarks: Amb. Jayant Prasad, Director General, IDSA
    Remarks: H.E. Chung –Kwang Tien, Representative, TECC
    Speech: Mr. Theodore Huang, Chairman TECO Group and Honorary Chairman, Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce (CNIAC)
    Key Note Speaker: TBC

    Session-I: 10.30-11.45AM: India and Taiwan: Mutual Perspectives

    Chair: Prof Alka Acharya, Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS), Delhi
    Prof B. R. Deepak, JNU: India and Taiwan: From Benign Neglect to Pragmatism
    Dr. Francis Yi-hua Kan, IIR, NCCU, Taiwan: The Ma-Xi Summit and Cross-Taiwan Strait Relations: Implications for India’s Role in East Asia”.
    Dr. Prashant Kumar Singh, IDSA:Creating Framework for India-Taiwan Relations
    Dr. Jabin Jacob, ICS: India-Taiwan Relations: Constrained or Self-Constraining?
    Dr. Ritu Aggarwal, JNU: Two Democracies, Two Governing Systems: Viewing Taiwan from India.
    Discussant: Dr. Tuan Yao Cheng, University of Kang-Ning

    Session-II: 11.45AM-1.15PM: TPP, RCEP and India-Taiwan in Regional Integration

    Chair: Dr. Lee Chun, WTO and RTA Center, CIER, Taipei
    Dr. Jagannath Panda, IDSA: India, Taiwan and Emerging Institutions in Asia and Beyond
    Dr. Kristy Tsun-Tzu Hsu, CIER, Taiwan: India-Taiwan Partnership in the Asian Era
    Dr. T.G. Suresh, JNU: India and Taiwan: Emergence of a New Economic Convergence
    Dr. Arvind Yelery, ICS: India-Taiwan Economic Relations: Building Synergies for Regional Economic Integration
    Mr. Sanjay Pulipaka, ICRIER: Approaches to Regionalism: India and Taiwan
    Discussant: Dr. Lee Chun

    1.15PM-2.15 PM: Lunch Break

    Session-III: 2.15-3.20PM: India and Taiwan’s Role in Asian Regional Peace
    and Stability

    Chair: Prof. Manoj Joshi, Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi
    Prof Srikanth Kondapalli, JNU:India and Taiwan in Asian Peace and Stability
    Dr. Fu-Kuo Liu, NCCU, Taiwan: Maritime Security and the Indo-Pacific Security Link: India and Taiwan's Strategic Reorientation
    Dr. Udai Bhanu Singh, IDSA: Taiwan and the “Indo-Pacific/Asia Pacific Context
    Dr. Cherian Samuel, IDSA: India-Taiwan Cyber-Security Cooperation

    3.20– 3.30 PM Coffee/Tea Break

    3.30- 4.45 PM: Panel Discussion: Enhancing India-Taiwan Partnership and
    Cooperation from the Global Perspectives

    Chair: Amb P Stobdan, Senior Fellow, IDSA
    Theodore Huang, Chairman TECO Group and Honorary Chairman, CNIAC
    Prof. Sreemati Chakrabarti, Delhi University (DU), Delhi
    Dr. Tuan Yao Cheng, University of Kang-Ning
    Dr. Francis Yi-hua Kan, National Cheng-Chi University (NCCU), Taiwan
    Prof. Srikanth Kondapalli, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi
    Amb (retd.) R. Rajagopalan, Former Ambassador of India
    Dr. Fu-Kuo Liu, National Cheng-Chi University (NCCU), Taiwan
    Mr Manoj Joshi, Observer Research Foundation (ORF), New Delhi
    Dr. Kristy Tsun-Tzu Hsu, Taiwan ASEAN Studies Centre, Taipei

    4.50-5 PM: Concluding Remarks: Shri Jayant Prasad, DG IDSA

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