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IDSA-NIDS Bilateral Dialogue

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  • March 12, 2018
    Only by Invitation
    0930 to 1645 hrs
    Venue: Board Room: IDSA, New Delhi
    09:15-9:30 AM Tea & Registration
    9:30-9.45AM Introductory Remarks by Shri Jayant Prasad, DG, IDSA
      Remarks by Tatsuo Yamamoto, President, NIDS, Japan

    *(15 mnts. Each speaker)

    Session I: 9:45-11.15am: Regional Security Architecture in Indo-Pacific Region

    Chair: Tatsuo Yamamoto, President, NIDS
    Jagannath Panda:  India, Japan and the Quadrilateral Initiative in Indo-Pacific
    Tomotaka Shoji:                                                    Japan’s Approach towards ASEAN amid the US-China Rivalry: Implications for Japan-India Cooperation
    Swati Arun:            Sino-US Relations: Post-19th CPC and China in Trump’s National Security Strategy

    Session II: 11.15am-1.15pm:  India-Japan Relations

    Chair: Alok Deb, Deputy Director General, IDSA
    Shebonti Ray Dadwal: India, Japan and the Prospects of Energy Cooperation in Asia
    Masahiro Kurita: Countering Belt and Road: A Japanese Perspective on Japan-Indian Cooperation
    Titli Basu: Make in India and India-Japan Cooperation  
    Adarsh Verma:   Maturing India-Japan Security Cooperation

    Session III: 2.30-4.30pm: China and the Geo-politics of the Region

    Chair: P. Stobdan, Senior Fellow, IDSA
    Prashant Kumar Singh: China and South Asia
    Masafumi Iida: China’s Maritime Expansion in the Indo-Pacific Ocean
    M.S. Prathibha: China’s Belt and Road Initiative
    Abhay Kumar Singh: Chinese Naval Base in Pakistan: Prospects and Implications
    4.30-4.45pm: Concluding Remarks by President, NIDS
      Concluding Remarks by DG, IDSA