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11th IDSA-IPIS Bilateral Dialogue - Geo-Strategic Dynamics in West Asia: India-Iran Cooperation

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  • December 03, 2015 to December 04, 2015
    Only by Invitation
    1030 to 1300 hrs

    The Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), in collaboration with Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS), Tehran is organizing a two day bilateral dialogue on 3-4 December 2015 at the IDSA. The forthcoming bilateral dialogue (11th in the series), will focus on “Geo-Strategic Dynamics in West Asia: India-Iran Cooperation”.

    Concept Note

    Major developments are taking place in the geo-political landscape of the West Asian region. Amidst the great uncertainty, the region has become the epicentre of the global attention. In past three years, the conflict in Iraq and Syria have intensified, the Yemen crisis continues to persist without any solution, and violent activities of Daesh ( or IS) and its increasing influence beyond the West Asian region has become a major challenge. Besides, Russia’s renewed interest and military intervention in Syria to fight Daesh has exposed the region to completely new situation reflecting the complexities of external interventions. The Iran-US détente has been a positive development in the region. However, the future of Iran-US relations is not yet very clear. These new developments have exposed India and Iran to completely new set of challenges, issues and conditions.

    India and Iran have a long history of engagement. Over the past few years, both countries have been struggling to manage their energy and economic ties under the shadow of the US and EU sanctions. The new regional situation is, however, much more amenable for constructive engagement between Iran and India. Iran’s improving ties with the US, its growing regional profile, and India’s deep desire to cement its ties with Iran offer great potential for enhanced cooperation between India and Iran.

    These new developments demand a fresh look at the bilateral relations between India and Iran in the context of the regional geopolitical complexities. More importantly, the current uncertainties in Afghanistan and Pakistan and increasing violence and upsurge of extremist forces like Daesh in West Asian region are not in the interests of India and Iran. These emerging new security challenges in the region demand India and Iran to jointly address these common challenges and work towards cementing their bilateral ties. Both countries are important regional actors and can play a significant role in maintaining regional security.

    It is in this context that IDSA and IPIS have decided to host the 11th Bilateral Dialogue on the theme “Geo-Strategic Dynamics in West Asia: India-Iran Cooperation”. In past, the IDSA-IPIS Strategic dialogues at Track II level have provided a platform for Indian and Iranian experts to exchange ideas on regional security and how they affect India-Iran bilateral relations. The dialogue will deliberate on the following issues over two sessions:

    Session I: Changing Security Paradigm in West Asia and Afghanistan

    Session II: India-Iran Engagement after Nuclear Deal: prospects and Challenges

    Tentative Programme

    Day I - Thursday, December 03, 2015

    1500-1505hrs: Registration & Tea

    1505-1530hrs: Inaugural Session
    Welcome & Opening Remarks by Shri Jayant Prasad, Director General, IDSA
    Remarks by Dr Mostafa Zahrani, Director General, IPIS
    Keynote Address by Mr Gopal Baglay, JS (PAI & STATES), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

    1530-1730 hrs: Session I: Changing Security Paradigm in West Asia and Afghanistan

    Chair: Dr Mostafa Zahrani
    Shri Jayant Prasad
    Dr Gholam Ali Chegnizadeh
    Shri Sanjay Singh
    Dr Mostafa Zahrani

    Day II - Friday, December 04, 2015

    0945-1000hrs: Tea

    1000-1300hrs: Session II: India-Iran Engagement after Nuclear Deal: Prospects and Challenges

    Chair: Shri Jayant Prasad
    Amb Mahmoud Moosavi Khameneh
    Shri Dinkar Prakash Srivastava
    Mr Mohammad Hossein Shojai
    Dr Meena Singh Roy
    Mr Mohammad Javad Shariati
    Dr M. Mahtab Alam Rizvi

    1300-1400hrs: Lunch