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Talk by Prof Paula Newberg on "Justice and Transitional Politics in Pakistan and Afghanistan"

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  • October 05, 2012
    1500 hrs

    Venue: Room no 105, IDSA

    About the Speaker

    Prof. Paula Newberg, a specialist in democracy, rights and development in crisis and transition states She is the director of the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy (ISD), Walsh School of Foreign Service. She spent many years as special adviser to the United Nations and the United Nations Foundation, living and working in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Her numerous postings included Afghanistan during and after Taliban rule, and she continues to serve as an adviser and consultant to American and foreign-based nongovernmental organizations.

    Newberg also served as a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, co-founded its Democracy Project and led its South Asia Roundtable. She has been a guest scholar at the Brookings Institution and taught in the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. She is also the author of "Judging the State" which focuses Pakistan judiciary's Role in Politics.