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Interaction with Maldivian Delegation

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  • June 24, 2013

    A delegation of seven journalists from Maldives visited IDSA on 24 June 2013 and interacted with the scholars at the institute. The discussions were held in free and frank manner in an informal setting.

    Among the issues the delegates raised were: (i) perceptions in Maldives about India restricting visas— including medical visas— for Maldivians, which is giving rise to anti-India sentiments; (ii) concerns about the social and strategic fallouts of growing Chinese engagement in Maldivian economy; (iii) the proposed status of force agreement between Maldives and the US, and India’s reactions to it; (iv) China’s role in SAARC; (v) concerns about polarized domestic political environment and the role that India can play to strengthen democracy in Maldives; and (vi) need for closer strategic dialogue and cooperation between India and Maldives. The meeting took place under Chatham House rules and it was presided by Director General, IDSA.

    Click here for event photographs