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Interaction With Singapore Command And Staff College Delegation

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  • August 18, 2008
    Only by Invitation
    1030 to 1300 hrs

    IDSA hosted the Singapore Command and Staff College delegation, under the 'Distinguished Speakers Programme' on 18 August 2008. The visiting delegation, comprising of nine faculty and 65 student officers, was led by Brigadier General Jimmy Tan, the Commandant of SAFTI Military Institute.

    The overall focus of the delegation’s visit to India was to get an insight into current macro strategic issues and policies of India as also its impact on regional security and defence. To meet the aim and objectives of their visit to IDSA, two speakers from the institute – Brig. B.S. Sachar and Cdr. Gurpreet Khurana shared perspectives on ‘India’s Regional Security’ and ‘Maritime Security in the Indian Ocean’, respectively. The presentations were followed by a question and answer session in which other scholars of IDSA also participated. Salient issues highlighted by the two speakers during their presentations were as follows:-

    Opening Remarks

    In his welcome address Brig. Sachar brought out the close defence co-operation between the two countries under which Singapore armed forces were coming to train in India with their equipment, making use of Indian air and ground space for carrying out intense training. He also highlighted that this was the second military delegation visiting IDSA in two months signifying the closeness of the relationship. He also stated that an Indian military officer, Cdr. Subhash was attending the Command and Staff Course in Singapore.

    India's Regional Security Perspective

    • Overview on India including its strategic location in Asia, its strategic frontiers and related security imperatives.
    • Perspective on regional security environment (with India's areas of concern). India’s relations and security concerns with each of its neighbours was brought out in the presentation.

    Maritime Security in the Indian Ocean

    • Vital Stakes/Interests of Global Community in Indian Ocean.
    • Security Challenges in the Indian Ocean (traditional/military, low-intensity, etc).
    • Response to these Challenges (with emphasis on the Indian Case).