South Asia 2020: Towards Cooperation or Conflict?
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  • Speaker Profile: Dr. Davood Moradian

    Dr. Davood Moradian, is Senior Policy Advisor to the Foreign Minister of Afghanistan. He has completed his undergraduate studies at the University of London, in the fields of International Relations and International Law. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from University of St. Andrews (Scotland), where he also taught International Relations. His thesis focused on a comparative study of the conception of punishment in the traditions of ancient Greece, Islam and international criminal justice. Prior to joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Moradain was the chief of Presidential Programmes at President Karzai’s Office. He is currently, also the Director General of the Ministry’s Center for Strategic Studies.


    Stabilising Afghanisation: Challenges Ahead

    Afghanistan’s transitional journey to join the family of nations as a secure, prosperous, progressive and democratic member has reached a critical juncture.

    The paper focuses on alternative outcomes, should the efforts of Afghanistan and international communities fail to break the vicious cycle of violence. The paper argues that unlike the previous situations, the consequences of failure will engulf not only Afghanistan, but also a wider region and impact on international security.

    On the other hand, our success in creating a virtuous cycle of peace, development and regional cooperation will help Afghanistan restore its historic role as a crossroads for trade, transit, transportation and tourism and a model of peaceful co-existence of different cultures and traditions in the region.