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IDSA-IFS Second Bilateral Seminar

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  • March 02, 2010 to March 03, 2010
    Only by Invitation

    Venue: Seminar Hall, IDSA

    2 March 2010

    1045-1115: Inaugural session
    1045-1050: N.S. Sisodia, Director General, IDSA – Welcome address
    1050-1100: Dr M M Pallam Raju, Minister of State, Ministry of Defence, India – Inaugural address
    1100-1110: Jonas Gahr Støre, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Norway – Norway and India
    1110-1115: Sven G. Holtsmark, Deputy Director, IFS – Vote of thanks
    1115-1135: Tea
    1135-1300: Indian and Norwegian perspectives on coastal security, piracy and maritime issues
    Chair: C Uday Bhaskar, Commodore (retd.) Indian Navy 
    1135-1145: Morten Jørgensen, Commander, Norwegian Coast Guard – The civil-military interface in Norway’s governance of coastal waters and EEZ
    1145-1155: Indian perspectives on Coast Guard: Indian Coast Guard officer (tbc)
    1155-1205: Bjørn Egenberg, Captain (N) – Norwegian experiences from anti-piracy operations
    1205-1215: Indian perspectives in Piracy Operations (tbc)
    1215-1225: Carl P. Salicath, Chairman of the fifth plenary of the contact group on piracy off the coast of Somalia – Countering piracy off the coast of Somalia – a comprehensive approach
    1225-1300: Q&A
    1300-1345: Lunch
    1345- 1530: Norway and the world
    Chair: N. S. Sisodia 
    1345-1355: Harald Støren, Senior Advisor IFS – Norwegian foreign and security policy – a focused overview
    1355-1405: Sven G. Holtsmark, Deputy Director IFS – Cooperation and conflict in the Arctic
    1405-1415: Dag Harald Claes, Professor, University of Oslo – Norway: a global energy actor
    1415-1530: Q&A
    1530-1545: Tea
    1545- 1700: Indian perspectives on China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States
    Chair: To be confirmed 
    1545-1555: R. Phadke, Air Commodore (retd.), Research Adviser, IDSA – India’s China policy
    1555-1605: Sushant Sareen, Research Consultant – India’s Pakistan policy
    1605-1615: Arvind Gupta, Lal Bahadur Chair, IDSA, – India’s Afghanistan Policy
    1615-1625: V. Krishnappa, Research Fellow, IDSA – India’s US policy
    1625-1700: Q&A
    1900-2130: Dinner

    3 March 2010

    1000-1120: Perspectives on civil-military relations
    Chair: Raj Shukla, Research Fellow, IDSA  
    1000-1010: Rumel Dahiya, Adivisor Net Assessment and Defence Studies, IDSA – India and civil-military relations (tbc)
    1010-1020: Sven G. Holtsmark, Deputy Director IFS – Research on civil-military relations at IFS
    1020-1030: Ola Bøe Hansen, Commander Senior Grade, Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College – Norwegian perspectives on the Comprehensive Approach
    1030-1120: Q&A
    1120-1145: Tea and snacks
    1145-1315: Perspectives on India’s defence
    Chair: Ola Bøe Hansen 
    1145-1155: Raj Shukla, Research Fellow, IDSA – Key Challenges for Military Transformation
    1155-1205: Ali Ahmad, Colonel (retd.), Research Fellow, IDSA – Key developments in doctrine
    1205-1215: N.S. Sisodia, Director General, IDSA – The role of nuclear weapons
    1215-1225: Namrata Goswami, Research Fellow, IDSA – Indian Approaches to terrorism and insurgency
    1225-1315: Q&A
    1315-1325: Concluding remarks
    1315-1320: Sven G. Holtsmark, Deputy Director, IFS
    1320-1325: N.S. Sisodia, Director General, IDSA
    1325-1430: Lunch