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Developments in Russia in the Post-election Period: Implications for India

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  • March 22, 2012
    1400 hrs

    Venue: Board Room, IDSA

    About Dmitri Kozyrev

    Kosyrev, Dmitri, born April 28 1955. Graduate – Moscow University (Asia & Africa Institute), cum laude, 1978, Chinese history. 1976-1977 – special course in the Nanyang University (Singapore). Languages: English, Chinese, French.

    Current position: Deputy Director of Analytical Directorate, since January 2007. Political Columnist (Asian problems), RIA Novosti, since November 2001. Chief of International Problems Section, 2002-2006. Writes columns in various Russia media and talks on the Russian and foreign TV on Asian matters.

    Acclaimed writer, mainly of spy thrillers: Pet Monkey of the House of Tang (2006), Pet Hawk of the House of Abbas (2007), Pet Hawk of the House of Maniakh (2010).
    Amalia and the White Apparition (2008), Amalia and the Generalissimo (2009), Store of the Sea Memories (2011), The Wine Taster (2012).

    Previous positions:
    Chief of the Foreign News Section, Editor of the Diplomatic Courier supplement, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, (1997-2001).

    Director of the trading companies (1995-1997), import of textiles from Asia. Simultaneously numerous publications on Asia in the Russian media.

    Editor-in-Chief, Russian Trade Connections – a Hong Kong bulletin on Russia (1993-1995), at the same time Deputy Director of the Image Alpha PR company, Hong Kong, Moscow branch (writing of advertising texts, including bank reports).

    Diplomatic Columnist, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, 1992-1993.

    PR representative, the Delovye Luidi (monthly business magazine, French-Russian), writer of advertising texts (1991-1992).

    Regional correspondent for South East Asia, Manila - the Pravda (1988 – 1991).

    Correspondent of the Foreign News Section, the Pravda (1978-1988).

    Married, 2 daughters (27 & 21), wife Mrs. Irina Kosyreva – director of a transport company.

    Foreign Policy Association, member since 1991, member of the Board, Vice-President 2002-2006.

    Nusantara Association (Malay Studies), member since 1996.

    Wine writer, expert on wines & food, regular wine trips, features & columns in the Russian specialised wine publications, including the White & Red Magazine, the Style Monitoring and the Enotheca.

    Hobbies: music, cooking