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  • A China-North Korea-Myanmar “Axis” in the making?

    Tacit Chinese endorsement of the policies pursued by North Korea and Myanmar has emboldened them to persist with policies that are detrimental for peace and stability in the region.

    June 17, 2010

    The Strategic Relevance of Okinawa

    Notwithstanding popular criticism and opposition, the US-Japan security alliance and the presence of USFJ remain vital to Japanese foreign and security policies.

    June 10, 2010

    Foreign Policy and Domestic Challenges before Kan Naoto

    Getting the economy back on track would be Kan’s top most priority. Kan views ties with the US as the core of Japan’s foreign policy, though he also greatly values the relationship with China.

    June 09, 2010


    Since its independence in 1948, Myanmar has consistently taken stance against all kinds of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). It has been a signatory to various international protocols and conventions against biological as well as chemical weapons, including the 1925 Geneva Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use in War of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or Other Gases, and of Bacteriological Methods of Warfare; the 1972 Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxic Weapons Convention; and Chemical Weapons Convention or CWC (1993).

    April-June 2010

    Fluidity in Japanese Politics

    Hatoyama’s downfall was primarily brought about by his failure to fulfil the pre-election promise to relocate the US Marine Corps Air Station in Futenma outside of Okinawa prefecture.

    June 07, 2010

    The “Cheonan” Fallout: Erosion of Confidence

    The Cheonan assault has revealed to South Korea that the threat from North Korea is still ominous and capable of delivering unexpected damage.

    June 07, 2010

    Escalation of Tensions in the Korean Peninsula and China’s Role

    The one country that has not condemned North Korea’s role in the sinking of the Cheonan is China, which has its own strategic and economic compulsions to back North Korea.

    June 01, 2010

    Taiwan’s Unending Dialogue over ECFA

    The fundamental ideological difference between the KMT and DPP supporters makes the debate on ECFA more complicated than it needs to be actually, with a peculiar intermix of politics and economics.

    June 01, 2010

    The ascendancy of Political Islam in Malaysia

    While the notion of Malaysia as an Islamic state appears almost unthinkable, this is exactly what has transpired since the early 1980s, posing serious challenges for the country’s internal and external politics.

    May 24, 2010

    Ideology sans Jargon? Contextualising Xi Jinping’s Politics of Simplification

    Xi Jinping's attempt to dejargonise political language is timely. however, how it impacts the ideology is going to be important.

    May 24, 2010