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  • Transfer of Defence Technology: Understanding the Nuances and Making it Work for India

    KW Publishers
    ISBN: 978-93-89137-17-0
    Price: ₹.980/-
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    About the Book

    In recent years, transfer of defence technology to India, as an alternate route to indigenous development, has been frequently brought up with widely varying views from the Indian defence technology fraternity. Some lament its failure to help India achieve self-reliance, while others suggest it can enable India to leapfrog ahead. While it has been paradoxically found to be more expensive than outright purchase of defence systems, there are indications that countries such as Israel, South Korea and China have gained immensely from it. While there has been a flood of ToT proposals from foreign OEMs after the launch of the Make in India initiative, there have been few proposals which have materialised and a miniscule number successfully implemented. Acknowledging the need to unravel these mysteries, this book attempts to throw light on the entire range of connected aspects from a brief historical perspective to an understanding of its fundamentals and nuances, to how ToT should be aligned with national goals and there on to its implementation issues. Initially addressing the conventional mode and its complexities, it expands to touch upon the others, then the unconventional ones, the facilitators such as offsets and the transaction in its widest sense. Thus enveloping the complete spectrum, it brings its insights together to converge on a possibly successful arrangement for India. Written in an explorative, questioning style, this book will intrigue interested readers and propel the Indian defence technology community to dwell on its findings and suggestions for the formulation of a cogent way forward.

    About the Author

    Kevin A Desouza is a serving Colonel of the Indian Army. An electronics engineer, specialised in radar technology, he has over 20 years of experience in the engineering support of almost all military weapons and equipment. While heading maintainability advisory groups, he worked closely with the defence industry and has acquired insights into manufacturing and design issues. This book is the culmination of his research fellowship at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi




    List of Figures, Tables and Annexures



    1. A Brief Historical Perspective
    2. Understanding the Nuances
    3. Aligning ToT to National Goals
    4. Implementing PToT
    5. Exploring All Avenues
    6. Making it Work for India
    7. Putting it All together


    Annexure I

    Annexure II


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