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  • Mission Mars: India's Quest for the Red Planet


    Publisher: Springer
    ISBN 978-81-322-1521-9
    Price: 49,99 € [Buy Now]

    About the Book

    • Significant amount of public interest on the subject which showcases demonstration of the scientific achievements
    • After successful Moon mission, India's Mars mission has both scientific and geopolitical connotations
    • Missions to same destination are expected from few other state too during the same time

    The objective of the book is to find an answer to the rationale behind the human quest for the Mars exploration. As a comprehensive assessment for this query is undertaken, it is realized that the basic question ‘Why Mars?’ seeks various responses from technological, economic and geopolitical to strategic perspectives. The book is essentially targeted to understand India’s desire to reach Mars. In the process, it also undertakes some implicit questioning of Mars programmes of various other states essentially to facilitate the setting up of the context for an assessment.


      Part I Prelude

    1. Introduction

    2. References

    3. Why Mars?

    4. References

    5. Discerning Mars

    6. 3.1 Natural Features and Atmospheric Conduction

            3.1.1 Moons of Mars

      3.2 Mars Astronomy


      Part II India and Mars Agenda

    7. Indian Multidimensional Space Plan

    8. References

    9. Mars Orbiter Mission

    10. 5.1 Mission Silhouette

             5.1.1 India’s Mars Agenda
             5.1.2 Mission Mars
             5.1.3 The Mars Orbiter Mission
             5.1.4 Launch Platform
             5.1.5 Mars Orbiter
             5.1.6 Mission Plan
             5.1.7 Mission Sequence
             5.1.8 Mission Life

      5.2 Mission Payloads

            5.2.1 Lyman Alpha Photometer
            5.2.2 Methane Sensor for Mars
            5.2.3 Mars Exospheric Neutral Composition Analyser
            5.2.4 Mars Color Camera
            5.2.5 Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer
                    (TIS)-Backup Payload
            5.2.6 Processing and Distribution of Data

      5.3 Undertaking Challenges

            5.3.1 Power Systems
            5.3.2 Communication Systems
            5.3.3 Ground Segment
            5.3.4 Propulsion Systems
            5.3.5 On-board Autonomy
            5.3.6 Weather
            5.3.7 Comet Strike
            5.3.8 Overall Mission Intricacies


    11. Asia’s Investments in Mars

    12. 6.1 Japan’s Mars Agenda
      6.2 China’s Interests in Mars
      6.3 Chinese and Japanese Mission Payloads
      6.4 Sum Total


      Part III Depicting and Debating

    13. Mars Missions: Past, Present and Future

    14. 7.1 A Journey Through a Half Century
      7.2 Future Programmes

            7.2.1 Maven
            7.2.2 ExoMars (Exobiology on Mars)

      7.3 Human Mission
      7.4 Outlook


    15. Cost Contested: Perceptions Versus Reality

    16. References

    17. Wrapping Up

    18. Appendices

      About the Author